Why Pet Portraits Are Having a Moment

animal portrait

Retrato animals are having a moment. From Instagram feeds filled with hand-drawn homages to dogs and cats to custom prints capturing the full beauty of a beloved feline, it seems everyone wants their furry friend immortalized on canvas or screen. As with any phenomenon, companies are trying to cash in on the trend: Crown & Paw, Purr & Mutt, Paint Our Paws, and so on.

A portrait artist creates custom artwork of animals for clients on a commission basis. This can be in the form of pencil sketches, watercolor or oil paintings or digital portraits made with photo editing software. In many cases, a professional animal painter will work with a variety of mediums depending on the needs and preferences of each client.

Capturing Nature’s Wonders: The Art of Animal Portraits

For example, an artist may use pastels for a more soft and realistic look, or acrylic paint for a bolder style. The type of subject matter and style will also determine the medium used. A commissioned portrait of a dog will be very different from a landscape painting of a horse.

A pet portrait can be a great gift for birthdays, holidays or simply to memorialize a beloved animal who has passed on. These illustrations and prints are available in a variety of sizes and styles and make heartfelt gifts for friends and family.

In art history, animal motifs have long been used to convey emotion and symbolism. From Picasso’s obsession with bulls to Hirst’s eerie stuffed animals, depictions of wildlife have been prevalent throughout the centuries as artists explore mankind’s relationship with nature.

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